Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Dressy Track Pants!!!!

I've recently fallen in love with the Dressy Track pants or Dressy Joggers. Lets call it whatever you like....I love the style, it can be dressed up or dressed down. As usual I was shopping and found a pair which I fell head over heals for....BUT!!!!! The price was not attractive, I think its a seamstress "THING". When you know you can sew it WHY buy it!!!! LOL I then went online and did my research I found some starting at $40 but the quality was what I call a ONE TIME WEAR. Wash it and its over, it either fades or fall apart. Then I looked at the more pricier ones, which the lower priced ones looked just as good. But again not impressed with the prices. So I decided to make my own, it is only just a pair of straight pants. EASY EASY EASY!!!! 

Here's a few that caught my eye.......



This is the style is was going for ........Love love love! 

 I used a pattern in my stash so I can do a review for sewers that wanted to try. I cut McCalls 6113 view C and of course I modified it to my likings.....only to later find Simplicity 1887 in my stash.....This pattern is great for Track Pants no modification needed. View A is perfect.....if only I had my patterns organized maybe I would have noticed that I owned this one. Oh well it turned out beautiful.....I'm in LOVE with them!!!!!!

And here's my final results........


                                                       Hope you love them as much as I do!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chevron Pleated Skirt

Haven't posted in a minute but I've been working working working. Well I've noticed lately that pleated skirts have made a comeback. And I am a fan......but you could not have asked me this question years ago when I attended Catholic school. I wore school uniforms most of my life and back then I would have paid to wear normal clothes. I would of never guessed that I would have been a fan of pleats..LOL. Now I'm in love with pleats and have some future projects planned. This was a quick and easy box pleated skirt which I self drafted. Since I've joined pattern review I've been working with patterns more than ever and enjoy doing reviews. So when I have a project in mind I try my best to find a pattern which comes very close to the style I'm trying to achieve..... But I haven't found a modern up to date pleated skirt pattern or maybe I'm not looking hard enough..... I've found a few vintage patterns on sale on etsy and ebay, so if you are interested in a pattern maybe you can purchase one there.

This is a very inexpensive cotton fabric which I purchased from Walmart.....This skirt actually cost me $3.50...Not bad for a cute chevron skirt....hope you like! it

Monday, July 15, 2013

Party MIX!!!

Hi everyone hope you all had a great weekend, besides all the rain it turned out to be great. I caught up on some sewing last week so I have a few projects that I must share this week. Last week I sewed Vogue1314 and the minute I sewed it I knew instantly that I wanted to make an off the shoulder version. Well if you noticed I called this post the "PARTY MIX", let me explain why. This dress is made up of two sewing patterns the shoulders are from Simplicity1613 and the dress portion is Vogue1314.

Well I'm not sure if any of you have done this before but I do it all of the time. Mixing patterns isn't hard it just takes some patience and you can create anything. I only used the top half of Top "D" going down to about 2inches under the arm. Here's a pic for those of you that I just confused...........
First I compared the two patterns to see if their measurements matched or was even close. Well on the envelope size 14 matched up perfect but when placing them together the cut did not match…. … well I was NOT expecting them to. I matched up the armpit and cut about 2inches below, I ONLY cut the area that matched evenly. That’s were I got the 2inches from, if I went down any further would not be able to incorporate the dress pattern without losing the design of the dress. So basically this is about all the Simplicty pattern used including the sleeve portion......

The top opening of the scissors is where I began and the bottom opening is where I stopped cutting. I used a beautiful printed polyester stretch fabric. And as I did before on the last version of this Vogue dress, I used elastic to create my gathers....its fast and easy. So there you have it....Hope you like it...............

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Maxi Dress Season......and a Sew-a-Long

Well since I live in beautiful South Florida......Maxi's are one of my favorite outfits for the summer. And I have recently started using my INSTAGRAM.....Follow me MsNovy. Over the past couple of years I've meet some pretty talented sewers on the world wide web, thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Patternreview and the cool Blogger world. I started blogging a couple years ago only to loose all of my STUFF lol on my first blog. Got a little frustrated and stopped for a minute but was back at it last year.

On instagram I've joined and meet few ladies on Prettygirlssew and decided that I would join their June Sew-A-Long. I don't always do Sew-A-Long's due to my unpredictable hectic schedule, but once they choose McCalls6700 and I had it sitting in my stash so I joined in.

This was a super super easy project, it literally took me about an hour. For an advanced seamstress this is a breeze and for a beginner this is a MUST..........

Found this fabric at Joann's, the picture does it no justice. Its a beautiful orange and tan Rayon fabric with a border. The minute I saw it I knew I would use it for a Maxi.

For my belt I drafted a 2inch wide belt, I used fusible interfacing to prevent my belt from rolling up.
Used Rayon fabric
I cut a size 14 and it fit perfect, I had to alter the bodice. I shortened it at the shoulders by an inch, I prefer more of a snug fit.
It looked just like the pattern photo.
And YES I would sew it again...Love my MAXI'S!!!!


Bodycon Dress Rave!

Whats the big rave about Bodycon dresses, well for starters they are sexy lol!They are fitted dresses that usually fit like a glove with a little wiggle room. What makes them even more attractive is the fabric and the designs on the fabrics which the dress even more attractive. Thats what gives it all the hype, some of the prints are mind blowing. So I went shopping and found that Topshop brand sold at Nordstrom has some beautiful Bodycon dresses. The prices were pretty decent starting at around $40 up to $120, but being the seamstress that I am I decided to make my own. Here are just a few dresses from Topshop.....

My dress is not the regular straight cut Bodycon dress thats out there, because I used a pattern. I decided to go with Vogue1314 which I found to be very close to to a Bodycon design. Bodycon dresses are usually straight with a high neckline and long sleeves. Lately I've been seeing them with and without sleeves and different necklines. Heres my version.....Hope you like it......

Sorry about the blurry pics but I realized too late :-(

I used a Lycra fabric which is very stretchy. Loved the print!
I cut a size 12 but I think I should 14, after reading reviews I saw it ran a bit big.
The instructions were very easy to follow, easy enough for a beginner. The only tricky challenge for a beginner would probably be the gatherings. But I used the elastic method.
Yes I would sew it again, infact I sewed two already.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pinterest Inspired TOP.......

I recently saw this beautiful top on Pinterest

But could not find out the designer so I decided to create my own. I LOVE Pinterest I tend to find lots of ideas on there for my future sewing projects. I've just recently sewed up this lovely dress...................

But I haven't yet worn it yet.....That's usually when I would take photos, and that's called LAZY!!!! Well had some left over fabric and decided to use it to make the stapless beauty. Usually when I would make my own creations I would try to find a pattern that comes close to whatever it is I'm attempting to sew. I had no LUCK or I was being LAZY AGAIN!!!!  But since I had this new lovely pattern on hand

I decided to use it as a guide....BUT to no surprise after evaluating the structure of the original top....I DITCHED the pattern......NO USE ......This top is actual made of so many different pieces. It wasn't so difficult once I decided to make the top as if I were making a bathing suit top and then just add the bottom part of the bodice and the peplum. Getting those stripes lined up was killing me since this was not a chevron pattern fabric, but I needed to create my own chevron pattern. It took me a few days to get it together ......Mainly because when working with stripe fabric it tends to HURT MY EYES.....NO KIDDING....LOL! But it was worth the challenge, I think it came out pretty nice.....SORRY ABOUT the PICS THEY ARE A BIT DARK........I REALLY REALLY DON'T LIKE TAKING PHOTOS I ALWAYS TEND TO NOT LIKE THEM AT ALLLLLLLLL BUT ONCE THEY WERE TAKEN I .......REFUSED TO TAKE THEM OVER.....WORKING ON GETTING COMFORTABLE TAKING PHOTOS...LOL!!!....OR MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE NOT USED MY PHONE CAMERA...LOL!!!!

Hope you like the final results....xoxoxo!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I love my Vest !!!

Two days in a row I need an applause yes........I am truly trying my best to stick to my words of posting my projects. Well I sewed this Simplicity 2556 vest in the fall and I really love it. It is a Project Runway pattern which has a few different looks to it. I choose the leather back look, I loved the sleek design of the back view. I found some very beautiful black pique fabric, the texture was a very nice and I  mixed with the synthetic leather for the trimmings. I also added welt pockets instead of the trimming that ran around the waist.

Overall it was not a difficult project and it turned out very nice, I received tons of compliments and would probably sew it again. Hope you like it!

This is my favorite part of the vest, I think its just so stylish!

My pics a little dark but I wore it with my black leather equestrian boots and it look fantastic....Love the look!